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The young guys asked babe to bring them some good food, but she ignored their request and spent all money on new red boots instead of buying something better than a pair of hamburgers and cola. She tried to clear herself of a charge, but hunger breaks stone walls and al the company decided to punish that disobedient chick by spanking her ass really hard! Guy bends the doll over and having lifted up the skirt slaps her firm ass cheeks! Babe loses her white string and three cruel boys continue spanking her until she cries for mercy!

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A beautiful long haired bimbo is going to be a single model star and this must be her first photo session in the professional studio! She isnтАЩt a very lucky beginner, maybe itтАЩs because of lack of experience that doesnтАЩt let her concentrate and do a good job! Anyway, dollтАЩs poor attempts to show the emotions needed made the camera guy so damn annoyed that without any doubts he bent this fozy chick over his knees and having pulled her panties down, roughly spanked her young fresh booties to give her a great lesson in modeling!

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This cute blonde hasnтАЩt visited her gynecologist for a long time but the active sexual life and a great number of various partners made her at last recollect about the doctorтАЩs office. No wonder, the doc was very angry with the chick because of her health unconcern and she decided to teach her a good lesson! Having asked babe to undress the strong lady roughly explored lusty pussy and then bent girl around and firmly pressed her fruity butts and spanked them several rough times making her patient squeal from pain!

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Sexy blonde was late for work and was so lazyтАж So she just pretended she was working. A buyer came in the office, he was very angry and insisted that she should change the CD-Rom he bought yesterday or refund the money. She was in no position to make such decisions and she asked him to wait for her boss. He didnтАЩt want to wait and was determined to punish her! He grabbed her, lifted her skirt and taught her a lesson spanking her ass. Then he stripped her panty and went on spanking her but this time by her panty avid to see red stripes on her butt. The poor secretaryтАЩs stockings slipped down and she could hardly sit on the bitten ass.

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This cruel mom has her own principles of breeding. As soon as her daughter come home she checks on her planner and sees a bad mark their! No way! This fault has to be punished immediately and the angry female takes a tennis racket, lifts up school uniform and starts slapping girlтАЩs ass as hard as ever possible! She doesnтАЩt thinks thatтАЩs enough and slides off her panties to make those young trembling butts even more blushing! She gets fully satisfied when her daughter cries for grace, besides she wouldnтАЩt be able to sit tomorrow at the lessons!

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